Barre Class

You may have heard of Barre classes in the media recently from celebrities who love it such as Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman & Victorias Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, but what is a Barre class exactly? Although it seems fairly new to most, this type of training has been around for quite a while.


Barre classes focus on isometric training while using a “barre” as a prop for balance. This class combines the grace of ballet, the strength of pilates, and the flexibility of yoga. Combining these forms allow overall conditioning as well as targeted muscle engagement by using high reps with small range movements.


Are Barre classes the right fit for you? This class is ideal for those looking for:


  • Balance Improvement
  • Building Strength
  • Burning Calories
  • A Stronger Core


Being that a barre class is low impact, this is also ideal from those recovering from certain types of injuries. Overall, this form of exercise is excellent for improving your stability as well. If you tried it all before, this class is sure to give you a unique way to reach your fitness goals by taking it to a whole new level.

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